What is a sensor-enabled IoT solution?

Many aspects of our lives can benefit from realtime or periodic monitoring. The data from such monitoring can provide insight into deviations from excepted and actual operations.

An example would be supporting patients with their medication adherence, i.e., taking the right dose of the right drug at the right time. A large percentage of patients do not maintain good adherence, which compromises care outcome and increases cost. Adherence support is intended to drive positive behavior change using connected, smart medication containers—a sensor-enabled IoT solution.

We use the medication adherence application to develop, validate and advance our InnoNOWTM platform. Ginger-U® is our branded solution for driving adherence to the oral contraceptive pill (OCP) regimen. By way of example, a patient sees a doctor who then prescribes a specific OCP. InnoNOW's cloud analytics (i.e., backend) forwards the medication data it receives from the doctor to her pharmacy, which notifies her when the prescription is ready. The app running on her smart phone serves as her interface, while the smart pill case monitors when and which pill she dispenses.

The app allows her to enter data and provides her with dosing and refill notifications, adherence status and history, diary of side effects, information about the pill, etc. The smart case monitors her dosing behavior, provides on-case reminder and status alerts, and tracks pills dispensed and remaining. Wireless connectivity between her pill case and mobile phone is based on BLE; her phone acts as a ‘cellular gateway' to the cloud. The cloud analytics (i.e., backend) store and analyze data, issue reminders and alerts, schedule refills, set up follow-up appointments, maintain a library of medications, etc.