FAQs - Services

1. What application areas do you cover?

We are application agnostic.

2. What if my application requires new sensors not available?

We are open to developing new sensors as part of the project.

3. Is doing only the backend with you an option?


4. How about only the app?


5. How about only the device?


6. Does your service extended to maintaining and updating my solution?

Yes, if developed by us.

7. How is intellectual property handled?

Application-specific IP belongs to the customer. Underlying reference design IP belongs to us.

FAQs - InnoNOW

1. How do you validate InnoNOW?

We use medication adherence as our internal project to operate and advance it.

2. Can you give me an example of an InnoNOW app?

Ginger-U® app on iOS app store

3. Can you give me an example of an InnoNOW website?


4. Am I restricted to use NXP sensors?

No, you can use your own sensors or sensors from others.