In a nutshell

QuantaEd, LLC® was founded in 2012 and is located in San Diego, California. In the last 28 years, our founder has led innovation at corporate, academic and medical research organizations, as well as startups. QuantaEd builds on his experience in developing connected, smart products—by leveraging his sensor and innovation backgrounds. 
Why work with us? We are creative, objective, quality-driven and results oriented. Our style is collaborative, inquisitive and intellectually honest. We believe in leading with integrity. We also have the knowhow and the technology platform—hardware and software reference designs. We validate our platform using medication adherence as our custom application.
What is medication adherence support? Adherence means taking the right dose of the right drug at the right time. A large percentage of patients do not, which compromises outcome and increasing care cost. By way of example, adherence rates for heart and cancer patients are ~50%. Adherence support is intended to drive positive patient behavior change using connected, smart pill containers. 
By way of a simple example, a patient sees a doctor who then prescribes medication. The backend expert system forwards the medication data it receives from the doctor to the pharmacy, which notifies the patient when the prescription is ready. Adherence is monitored using connected, smart pill containers. Patient engagement is through the app. Patient engagement is through the app. The backend is customized for this application, e.g., supporting the app, scheduling refills and follow-up appointments, adherence reporting, etc.